Quixote Expeditions


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a platform to scientists, leaders, and adventurers to access difficult to get to places at the end of the world.  We love the places we go and are truly interested and passionate about them. We want to be a catalyst for interesting ideas, new discoveries, and adventures.   Safety comes before all else and guides all decisions.   After safety, we strive to ensure that each journey achieves its goals.


Why Quixote Expeditions?


So much of Southern Ocean Travel focuses on the adventurers of past, all of whom we admire – Cook, Amundsen, Magellan, Scott…. All of these men ventured into unknowns and took on the harsh realities of life down south.  We view our trips as adventures as well, but we also like to look at them through the lens of adventure as written by Cervantes in Don Quixote.  Don Quixote took on a knightly valiant and romantic air to his adventures.  He was grand and valiant, never lacking the high ground, but did so even as Cervantes manages to humanize him and his lofty imaginations.  Don Quixote also does not adventure alone, but with the companionship of Sancho.  It is the conversations and mutual understanding that also guide their adventure.

We like to look at our trips as journeys that are taken as grand adventures, but also with some fun thrown in; as personal journeys, but also as journeys take together as a special group of people experiencing some amazing places.  We hope that together each other’s ideas and conversations make the trip fuller because we’ve taken the journey together.