Yacht Consulting

Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Falklands

Thinking of taking your yacht south? We can help.

In the Southern Ocean, particularly, Antarctica, Argentina, and Chile, there are many things to think about before bringing your yacht here and in preparation.

This includes:

  • Permitting
  • Yacht Preparation / Gear
  • Locations to visit / local advice
  • Preparation for provisions
  • Waste Management
  • Weather planning
  • Communications


Adventuring south is different from many locations world wide.  Equipment can be very difficult to find or ship.  Permitting is required for Antarctica and Isla de los Estados.  Additional Paper work can be required if going to the Falklands / Malvinas and then going to Argentina.

** NOTE – all yachts going to Antarctica require a permit.  Within Antarctic Waters there are special rules and regulations.  Failure to understand and follow these can result in prosecution from your national government***

All are fragile environments and require special waste management procedures.  Weather is severe and proper planning and prediction is key.

We have navigated both the waters and the bureaucracy and we can help yachts figure out the process.

Our credentials include:

  • Master Unlimited License world wide (experience on everything from yachts to cargo vessels)
  • Antarctica Expedition Leader
  • IAATO Member

Please contact us for more information.  We’re ready to help.