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We are an expedition sailing company that takes those with a sense of adventure to some of the last wild places. We incorporate science into all of our trips and encourage all to participate. Come join us!


Sail. Explore. Discover.

SAIL to the wilds of the Southern Ocean.
EXPLORE the Antarctic, Darwin Range, South Georgia and Falklands.
DISCOVER new places on an intimate expedition sailing yacht. Let the Adventure begin!

We are an Expedition Sailboat Company

We sail in the World's Southern Ocean and Explore some of the last wild places. We take keen travelers, Adventureres, Scientists, and Mountaineers where they want to go. Explore Antarctica, the Beagle Channel, Isla de los Estados, the Falklands, the Darwin Range and Fjords, South Georgia
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Ocean Tramp is an Expedition sailing vessel built for the high latitudes. She is Aluminum hulled and has a very protected pilot house for steering. You want nothing less when going to Antarctica

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Ocean Tramp allows passengers to get up close to the ice. Her size allows provides maneuverability and flexibility. We can get into places larger boats can not. We can also take advantage of opportunities as they arise – amazing light, a breaching whale, and that perfect shot.

Watch to learn more about Quixote Expeditions and our exciting destinations

Watch to learn more about Quixote Expeditions and where we go!

Where Do We Go?

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Isla de Los Estados

Only very recently opened to the public, Quixote Expeditions is one of very few who have permits to this island. Isla de los Estados is home to King penguins, a former prison colony, and the site of the famed Jule Verne Novel “Lighthouse at the end of the World”, join us to explore this remote island nature preserve


Sail to the White Continent and experience Antarctica how it is supposed to be experienced. First hand, up close, personal. Spend time watching penguins, whales, seals. Explore old whaling stations, science bases

Falkland Islands

A little bit of England in the south Atlantic and a whole lot of wildlife. Explore the penguin colonies, farm life, and history of the Falkland Islands

Argentine & Brazilian Coasts

Join us on a true ocean passage and hone your blue water sailing skills while explore colonial fishing towns along the Atlantic Coast
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We don’t just go to amazing places, we also interact with them. On every expedition we bring an active research scientist so that they can take samples, observations, or other data for their research. Why? We care about the places we go. We want our guests to be involved in first hand research. We think its important.
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Thanks for this amazing journey... The amazing sunrise in the Magellan Straits, the Commerson dolphins playing at the bow and the huge rainbow at sunset during the crossing... are some of my best memories.  I feel lucky for being able to journey like this.


I can not begin to say how much I enjoyed my time on Ocean Tramp! Your confidence and competence made for such a wonderful adventure. Thank you for getting around a spectacular part of the world in such comfort.




We are proud to be a member of IAATO – a community or Antarctic Tour Operators that works together to protect Antarctica and give the best possible experience to each and every visitor.

Leave No Trace

We are proud to be a partner with Leave No Trace and support the seven Leave No Trace Principles on our trips.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Quixote Expeditions uses technology and simplicity to offer some of the most eco-friendly, efficient, and minimal impact trips.
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Solar Panels are in use onboard to help supply the boat with power
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Motion sensor faucets help limit wasteful water consumption
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LED lights on the entire boat cut down on power consumption by nearly 90%
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With a wind generator, we harness the wind’s power and use it onboard

Latest updates from the vessel

blogs updates from onboard
  • Last days – Last days for anything are bittersweet – last days of vacations, last days of school… And Antarctica is no different. While on one hand we are eager to cross the Drake and get home, on the other, Antarctica always has a hold…

  • Days can be pretty fabulous in Antarctica and yesterday was no exception. We woke up early in Port Lockroy (5am) to set off to the access point for Mount Hindson – a mountain that our mountaineers had their eye on. Anchor up and 2 hour…

  • This was one of the best days of my life! Die Nacht in der Bucht am Sikorsky Gletscher war etwas unruhig. Ein Eisberg hat das Boot gerammt. Ist aber nichts passiert. Wir starten um 8:00 Uhr zu einer grandisoen Fahrt: Wir durchhqueren ein Gebiet mit…

  • “Today was the best day of my life!”. – Quote heard on deck today as we watched 7 or 8 humpback whales bubble feeding. We sat there on Ocean Tramp watching these amazing creatures dive down together. Humpback whales bubble feed in order to “round…

  • 5:30 , der Wecker klingelt und reisst uns aus dem schlaf! Raus aus der Kojen und ab zum fruehstuecktisch. Anschliessend werden die sachen gepackt und wir landen an. Jetzt uebernimmt sigi das commando, nach kurzer zeit wird angeseilt, dass keiner runter faellt. Nach einigen verhinderten…

  • 5. Februar 2017 Greenwich Island (Sued-Shetlandinseln), Bucht namens Yankee Harbour Eine gute Woche sind wir jetzt unterwegs, und es kommt uns wie eine Ewigkeit vor! Wir haben jede Menge gelernt (unglaublich aber wahr): sich in einem stark schwankenden Boot bewegen ohne hinzufallen; Boot steuern, d.h….

  • After waiting two days in Ushuaia for better winds in the Drake passage we are finally leaving with an excellent group from Top Mountain Tours in Germany. They are ready to climb some mountains and see some amazing wildlife!!

  • The research conducted on the Antarctica trip between Dec 15, 2016 and Jan 8, 2017 focused on humpback whales, this giant freedivers that migrate annually to Antarctic waters to feed. Each year, they swim thousands of miles between their breeding grounds in tropical areas (Brazil,…

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